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Does your child have special needs or chronic illness?

Feeling stressed, overwhelmed, and exhausted by a chronic illness?

Are you juggling career, family, and the healthcare maze?

Your mind can be the greatest resource to you and your family navigating life with medical challenges or it can be your greatest roadblock.

Chronic Illness/Special Needs

Solving the unique circumstances of a chronic illness or special need presents can be exhausting. Often the on-going, ever- changing situation leaves you wondering if you can rise to the challenge.

Instead of feeling like your battle armor must be polished at-all-times, what if you could discover a way to manage the stress, tame the exhaustion, and raise your child to be happy, productive and confident?

Mother Special Needs Daughter

Imagine discovering ways that you can maintain hope for your child and family’s future, not to mention enjoying your own successful career and lifestyle.

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For the Adult with a Chronic Illness

A diagnosis of a chronic illness can turn your whole world upside down. Juggling family and career was already challenging, now throw in debilitating symptoms, medical treatment, and insurance battles can feel like way too much to handle.

Rather than feeling like you must carry the whole world on your back, what if you could handle the challenges you face with less stress and more ease? Imagine rediscovering joy and balance in your life even while managing your condition.

The Answer is Mental Fitness

With Mental Fitness, take on challenges with less anxiousness. Ultimately go from struggle and fight to confidence and ease maximizing your success, health and happiness.

Whether it’s personal or professional, getting to the source of the most significant roadblocks to success and happiness is critical. The source roadblock is unknowingly sabotaging our own effort and the effort of those we lead.

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Through The MENTAL FITNESS Program, power full potential and foster a thriving family and lifestyle.

Mike’s unique perspective with a life-long, chronic illness offers parents and families a unique perspective into how to help children thrive despite medical challenges, and how to foster healthy relationships between parents and children amidst medical challenges.

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Download Your Complimentary Copy of “2 Minute Essentials for Happy, Healthy, and Successful Children”

Within 2 minutes, you’ll bust worry and stress so you can be the best you can be for your family and yourself.


I was given a life-altering medical diagnosis and everything was turned upside down. With his unique background Mike became my beacon of light. When he says: “I understand you” it really means something. I went through a big personal transformation and can now manage whatever comes my way with ease and grace. Mike is the best coach you can wish for. The Mental Fitness program is a great tool. The real advantage was conversations where he showed me the subtleties and nuances of Mental Fitness. You can only grasp the depths of Mental Fitness with a master at your side and Mike is that master.
~ Anja Riemer-Grobe, Business Owner, Mother, MS Thriver
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